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I'm a bolt action user... But I get EXTREMELY aggressive when I'm in CQB and have a full auto gun... One time in Melville I had Bob The Angry Potato pinned behind a door while I was running and advancing with a KSC TMP... all that was exposed was his hand.. and I managed to hit him in the knuckle from over 60 feet away... I was proud of that lol

Another one of my favorite things.. is when there's a squad of people approching me.. I like to hide low in the bush.. then when they're JUST outside their range.. I pop up and do the Tusken Raider thing with my sniper rifle over my head... It's really funny to see a group that's full-auto equipped turn and run from one guy with a bolt action.

I also enjoy climbing up on impossible objects... lol (Note: climbing is a subjective word here... It took alot to get me up there lol)

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