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Well, here's the thing.

My gun shoot 177FPS(checked last night) with .25 bbs. Indoor limit is 320FPS.

When I bought the gun, it says it'll shot 360FPS with .2 bbs. Outdoor limit is 420FPS.

I'm not the type that could sneak around as easily as some of you, so I rely on range, which I love.

I'm fine shooting 177fps indoor, but shooting outdoor with .2 bbs +wind, I never manage to shoot anything I want! So solution is, heavier bbs = less wind will effect the flight path. With heavier bb and my stock m4 = less distance which means out ranged by most player with some upgrades.

It's a pain to see someone about 25mm away from me and not being able to hit with my bbs. I think my gun shoots .25 about 15-20 meter and it drops. Even with hop up adjust as much as I can. It shots way further with .2, but wind will affect it more.

So tell me what I should do then, without buying a new gun for outdoor and having the ability to play both in/outdoor. This is just how I feel about my gun...

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