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Thanks guys, I keep my M4 only if you guys help me figure out some upgrades! Hehe... Well, you don't "have" to help, but it'd be nice.

What's the difference between M4A1 and M16A2? And what's the "A1" and "A2" means?

Because I've been looking for parts, and almost every site I went to, m4 parts are always out!!!... Same with the 6.03/4 inner barrels!..

So here's what I'm thinking of ordering:


I don't know how to link the page from WGC so here's what it is:

Item number
GD-PT-GE0341 Guarder Cylinder Enhancement Set for Marui M16A1 / VN

KM-AEP15M4N KM 6.04mm TN inner barrel for SOPMOD M4 , M4A1 , XM177 , SG551 ( 365mm )


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