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What is a replica firearm?
A "replica firearm" is a device that was designed and intended to look exactly or almost exactly like a real
firearm (except for an antique firearm) but that is not a real firearm. Most replicas cannot discharge
projectiles at all, or only discharge projectiles that cannot cause serious harm. Devices that discharge
projectiles that can cause serious bodily injury are not replicas.
Replica firearms do not include plastic toys and other things that imitate firearms but that are not likely to
be mistaken for a real firearm by someone with a reasonable knowledge of firearms.
Other devices, including some air guns, starter pistols and model guns, are much harder to classify.
Although they may not be firearms for purposes of licensing and registration, they are not necessarily
replicas either. It depends mainly on:
- Whether it was designed or intended to look lik e a real firearm; and- Whether it can fire a projectile that could cause serious injury.
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