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Trade it away, or upgrade all the way?

Hello everyone, I'm looking for some advice, just anything that could help me decide what I'm about to ask.

So lately, I've been thinking of selling my M4 and buy a L96 sniper rifle. I don't know if it's a noob thing or something, but I've always got a thing for snipers.

I'm in a team that plays a lot of indoor games, but none outdoor, so if I get a sniper rifle, I wouldn't be able to play indoor anymore! Which is why my team is rejecting my idea. Sure I know it's not up to them, but I enjoy playing with them.

I personally like outdoor game more, but no one from my team ever go play with me. I also heard that stock sniper rifles aren't that useful at all because of the lack of range. Without any upgrade it's like using an AEG, is that true?...

The reason why I don't like my M4 is because of the lack of range and the lack of ability to play outdoor, also it's too common. I went to battlefield 5 this year, there were about 80 players and about 40 of them had m4/m16s. Which to me seems so boring...

So here's my question, should I trade my M4 for a well L96 sniper rifle and spend the money I saved up on a pistol so I could play indoor, or should I just spend the money I've saved up upgrading my M4?

This is really killing me... So any advice would be awesome!...
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