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even over the JG G36C? And thanks for your help.

Its just that this will be my only chance to get the G36C in Canada without getting verified, and its kind of a cool thought :P

keep in mind the G36 comes with a leapers red/green dot, an extra mag, and 2 8.4 V batteries with charger, and 2000 .20 bbs

sorry for all these questions btw, but that is generally how it goes on my threads. :P

Is the regulaar G&G M4 worth it over the Rec version? Is the advanced that really worth the extra $100 price tag?

G&G M4 Reg.=$308
G&G M16 Reg.=$319
(G&G M16 with RIS.=$392)
G&G M4 Adv.= $382
G&G M16 Adv.=$393

And does anyone have any idea if the M16's Carrying handle is removable for rails underneath? and also where I can get an M4 stock for M16 as a replacement? Thanks for all of your help guys.

EDIT: Just read Amos' review on the Rec version of the G&G M4, and apparently it's crap compared to the others

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