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Smile Review - ARS Japan "Ambidextrous Tactical Sling Mount" (Magpul ASAP Clone)

Well i'm in review mode once again and figure i'm just gonna review everything I ordered in my last batch o parts because this one simply can't be ignored. Today im going to review a nifty new product from a lesser known company in Japan called the Airsoft Research Syndicate. They've made a series of nifty bits including a Magpul ASAP style sling plate which i'll be reviewing.

So you've probably all watched the Magpul Dynamics DVD and were jealous of both Chris Costas tactical beard and accessories... namely his ASAP (Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point) plate which allows the user of a rifle to switch quickly between left and right shoulder firing with a sling without the need to waste time detaching it. This can buy you valuable seconds in the field when you need to quickly get up against a wall or weird angle where you have to fire from the opposite of your usual shoulder.

I nabbed both one designed for PTWs/GBBs and their AEG counterpart. They were reasonably priced at $35.00 (GBB, PTW) / $30.00 (AEG)

For PTW:

For AEG:

Now the plates made by ARS aren't truely exact copies of the Magpul, as they are their own design which closely shadows the original in both looks and operation.

These plates are made of steel and are advertised as being "CNC wire cut machined", feature a TIG welded link ring and a sandblasted metal oxide finish. That's good enough for me! Because when you have your $3000 PTW or AEG hanging off one of these you damn well better know it's gonna hold up unlike some other sling plates made of pot metal or other lousy materials.

The sling plate installed literally within minutes on my Inokatsu M4 GBB. I simply unscrewed the castle nut with my King Arms armorers wrench, unscrewed the buffer tube with the stock still attached, replaced the plates and screwed everything back together. Now while I don't have a real ASAP sling I may consider buying a clone as the real deal isn't the easiest article to come across. For the time being however I simply attached my G&P bungee sling which seems to do just the trick.

The one thing I noticed immediately upon wearing it was the fluidity of the movement the plate allowed for. I previously had a G&P sling plate which had points on each side but it was a pain in the ass detaching it. Now all I do is just float it around and it moves to where I need it right away. Needless to say this is one of the best accessories I've purchased to date for my Inokatsu M4. I like affordable and quick to install accessories, and this was certainly it.

ARS Japan:



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