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Ewwww.... Fort Mac???? All I can say is why?

Anyways first you can go and read the FAQ section of the forum and come back with questions you have. A lot of stuff is answered in the FAQ's however it's a lot of information and may be intimidating for a new member.

If you're 18 first thing's first is to get AV'ed which just means meeting with a community rep (I think there are some in or near Fort Mac) who will look at a piece of ID and check that you're 18+ which means you are legally responsible for misuse of your airsoft guns. After that you'll need to wait for ~2 weeks for an admin to give you your "AV tag" (Like the one below my screen name) from there on you'll be able to go into the classifieds and buy to your hearts content however please be aware that due to some retarded laws in Canada prices from international retailers are not what you'll get your guns for, expect ~$450 for a good quality gun and budget ~$150 for the minimal amount of gear (BDU's, mask, vest, etc.). I assume you already have boots however if not invest in a good pair and add ~$100 to your "gear budget".

EDIT: That's $450 for a used good quality gun, for new expect $550+ and that's the standard stuff that comes in the box (hicap, manual, gun, barrel blocking device etc.). For guns like G&P, VFC, etc. expect $800+.
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