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People expect these traders to operate like fully developed businesses.

Unfortunately, no, they haven't hired someone just to check through the pm's left by 100s of people a week. so yeah its gonna take a while to get to you when your asking alot from a 1 man show. which is normally the case.

The airsoft market has been cut down at the knees. there can never be a truly massive retail development in canada until some real legislation is set in place. That would make the cbsa loosen up a little and let an actual skid (oh my god the joy that would probably bring to see the first skid go through) cross the border with goodies that a hampered sport would definitely put to good use.

Until that fateful day, when airsoft gets its own damn tv channel. people need to relax and give that poor dude who busted his ass to find you the damn toy do his thing. I assure you, they all have the intention of getting to you. and if they don't, ask someone else.
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