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Review DPMS m4 R.I.S

I borrowed my friends DPMS M4 and decided to check out how much of a piece of junk it is. but listen. SURPRISINGLY! it has a v2 gearbox made of plastic and a cheap motor (located underneath the handle). The build was very similar to the Echo m4a1. Even when i removed the m16 Stock there was a tube to attach a retractable stock. So this got my thinking. Is this DPMS m4 the same body as the JG m4a1 Clearsoft off Velocity arms?

So if anyone needs a clearbody or has some extra gearbox's and parts can easily place into this gun and make it into a nice m4a1.

The downside is that its a pretty bad gun low BBPM, plastic gears, plastic everything, so its really junkie. I will provide pictures of the m4a1's gearbox if asked.

-Now on with the flaming :banghead:

*note about the last pic is that about the same size as a m4a1 handguard?

! Now as yuhaoyang insisted i should improve the review.

(M4/M16 RIS)
So overall the upper, and lower reciever are plastic.
The stock is made of a cheap plastic. The delta ring hardly works. The gun is very accurate and the gun has a copper barrel. The great thing is that the charging handle work and has a descent plastic hop-up. The gun shoots at an average 270 fps with .20g bbs. The gun is overall pretty loud. Im not sure whether the magazine is TM compatible. And the magazine has very sharp spikes on the windup so when winding up with out a glove may hurt the finger. The motor unfortunately is soldered in so i cannot remove it. The clearsoft uses a 7.2 large battery. The gun does not have a wobbly stock or barrel. When i shoot the gun at an average 20 feet it hits the target nicely but when shooting 30+feet the wind can really change the direction of the BB. Overall impression: I do not expect this gun to fail on me during target practice or with a little doodads and upgrades can make this gun worth its money.

Sold at Walmart- 99$ comes with cheap red dot and vertical grip and a colt mk IV pistol - Accurate.

(Colt MK IV)
The pistol is very cheaply made. However the magazine falls out very smoothly and the gun shoots about 230 fps with .12g bbs. - not much to say about the pistol just very cheaply made
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