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Hey AmosI know you know your stuff more than I will ever know.

But in terms of TM series overall quality how would you rank their stuff?

From reading (obviously I don't own a gazillion TM AEG's) how would you rank overall quality from series to series.

Here's how I have interpreted it in order of best to not so best.

1. M14
2. P90
2a. AUG
4. AK
5. MP5
6. M4 / 16
7. PSG-1

I never said the TM MP5's were garbage because they aren't. I have played with people that use them and they are more than fine. However, TM quality is different from series to series.

And again I have a Galaxy MP5K and it's been abused by renters and it's still going strong.

Here's an older review of TM MP5's I found online that might be useful. It's not very flattering on the K variant. Same complaints can be said of the Galaxy too.
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