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About GBBs...

Unfortunately I did just start out this week with airsoft, wish I could have started alot sooner (5 years ago would have been nice).

I am very fond of GBBs, they have a great feel and handling. My G23 is sweet, i think its a great starting gun.

But anyways, my questions are simple.

Firstly, with a completely depleted gas tank in the mag. How long should it take to refill? And does it have enough capacity to shoot all 20 rounds?

My second question is if there is a "better" magazine for the G23, i would like one that lets the spring "set" while i refill the bbs, instead of having to hold it down while doing so.

Thanks ahead of time for your wisdom and response. Looking forward to the day I'm comfortable enough with my glock to take it apart and make some upgrades.
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