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Smile Review - Tactical strike head for TM/KSC G17

Howdy all, it's time for another review. It's been awhile since i've gotten my hands on some cool accessories worth talking about so here goes!

Today's review is of a no-name strike face for the TM G17. I picked it up off of for $45.00 ( I was looking for something to beef up my Glock with and figured this would do the trick!

The strike face arrived in a plastic package with no info on it, pretty simple if you ask me! This part is constructed of a nice moderately hefty piece of aluminum. The front has several sharp points on the end perfect for making hamburger or tenderizing meat. It's finished with a flat black annodized coating for that extra tactical look. As a bonus it has an under rail mount as well so you can have both the strike face and an added light or laser module attached to the bottom.

Installation is dead simple, you just gotta unscrew 2 allen screws (3/32 allen key not provided) remove the bracket, mount it on the under rail and replace the parts! It's an accessory that installs in under just a minute. The results are more than spectacular though. If you want a mean looking piece of work this is certainly it. Take a look at the pics below for my meat mashing Glock with attitude.

Now one question is, does this fit the KSC G17 series as well and the answer is, yes indeed it does. So it's not just for the TM G17 as stated otherwise, I have it mounted on my KSC G18C and its just as rock solid and bad ass. Guarenteed! I would also imagine this could fit a KSC G19/23F as well, but i'm not sure if it would be too long.

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