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Id go with the Galaxy. I have 2, the mp5k and the pdw version. Both are good guns for the cost. Lets not generalize about crap chinese guns because most marui parts are made in China if you didnt know. Ive only had good experience with these guns and i can vouch for their durability given that you didnt get a lemon, which can also be fixed if you know how to thinker or know a good gunsmith. Even CYMA has released an all metal mp5k which i am anxiously waiting for. The internals are at par or even better than the TM version. The TM only beats it with its hop up, but even that can be remedied. I am not alone in this opinion because almost every team i have encountered here in my country have Galaxy mp5k's and that is a sign that this is a very good gun. Although i find the price in Canada shocking since ive bought mine brand new for P2,600 or $45 us dollars.
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