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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I've only taken a couple apart. There's some brain dumps and notes in the reviews section. Search and read those.

Short notes:
- the blow back design is technically quite good in that there seems to be little to no additional additional stress put on other parts (i.e. it probably won't mangle itself to death)
- basically a piggy back piston that moves a tin dustcover back and forth.
- very weak action...kind of annoying after the first minute or so
- proprietary mechbox shell, cylinder, dustcover and obviously piggy back part...the rest of the internals looked "sportline-ish"...mid to low end. 1 rifle had a very badly moulded cylinder head...maybe a 1 off mistake, don't know.

Search the other threads...there's lots written up about them.

Yes it does use a proprietary gearbox shell and cylinder. HOWEVER, the cylinder and piston is still easy to upgrade as they are the standard V2 ones. Only real difference is that there is a small hole at the end of the stock cylinder which allows for the air to move the blowback device. It is actually quite easy to buy an upgraded cylinder and cut a hole in yourself. The only real complaint is that the blowback device is a bitch to remove. Requires excessive force to slide it off ><
Other than that, the blowback gearbox is no different from a standard V2. Everything in it is upgradable. I just replaced the stock spring with a Modify M90s the other day. Still kickin.

And for those who are wondering, you can replace the blowback gearbox with a standard v2 gearbox. Only problem is that the charging handle will no longer work properly, but that can be fixed with some slight modifications.

Also, there is a way to increase the amount of "bang" from the blowback. You can cut/drill a bigger hole for the blowback device and cylinders. However, your FPS will have a decent drop.
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