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Originally Posted by Tex View Post
DPMS is a firearms company not an airsoft one. they have licensed their name out to cybergun who in turn put the DPMS name on airsoft and clearsoft guns. the DPMS a17 and the kats or on duty things are junk, the A-15 is the rebrand of JG/GB meaning they buy it from JG and put their name on it not they cloned JG so it is not a clone of a clone of a clone. They have also made ISC metal receivers branded DPMS

both links link to stores selling clear guns.......

Also Air Gun Source does not include S/H in that price and last I checked they wanted a ridiculous amount for shipping so expect the prices to even out after S/H is added vs. buying from frank.
I agree with Tex,...I had 4 different DPMS guns so far and they all performed well. A full metal version of M4 CQBR looks actually like a CA clone (markings on the upper receiver) and is compatible in terms of quality with CA stuff. The only mag that I have problem with in it is a pmag, simply too tightfit and it has to be pushed in with some pressure applied.
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