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Originally Posted by Sawstink View Post
Thanks to both of you.

I am assuming all G&G's stock armalite internals are identical, so the only difference between some guns is the fact that they are metal?

I really can't figure out the difference between these two guns:

It seems to me that the only differences are the fact that the first ones rails run the lenght of the upper reciever and continue onto the outer barrel, while the second one is seperacted via delta ring? and the fact the first one coems with vertical grip, but that isn't coherent regarding the gun itself.

And sorry, I wasn't clear on my last post, I meant to ask if the first link i sent (the DPMD) was one like Amos was saying, and old crappier JG that got dumped on another company and rebranded.

thanks for all your help guys
No the internals are different depending what level of gun you get.

Get the highest level you can... It's worth the little bit extra for higher quality parts.
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