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Ahh thank you for all your help. I have finally soldered and replaced all tamiya plugs with Deans connector now. I used a total of 5 plugs (2 females and 3 males). I made sure that I wore a mask so I dont inhale too much of the fumes, which based on my readings, can cause birth defects. Most of the connectors were easy to solder except for the one that connects to the motor. That wire was a bit short so i had to resolder over and over until it was fixed in place, and i had accomodate by adjusting my position and my iron.

I realized that when i was joining the joints, some of the heatshrinks that were previous slipped on to the back of the wire were already starting to shrink so i guess i placed solder for a bit too long. I accidentally cross touched the wires on the battery and i saw a small spark even though I slipped on heatshrinks ahead of time but they slipped too back. But my battery seems to be working well so far.

Like you guys said, I noticed ROF has increased, and im not sure but i think my FPS may have increased too. Normally, I can barely see the bb's travelling but now i cant even see them at all. I can only hear it as it hits the target. I hope i did everything right.
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