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Originally Posted by -subzero View Post
you are correct
but personal prefrence and self logic was not at all my target from my pet pev
the point i was making is that it annoys me that people tend to use there personal prefrence as the all supreme choice as "the best choice" for all and try to argue and prove till the end that they are right and there "choice" is in fact better then some one elses
like dogs pissing on the same poll one after the other-- claming its theres
egos vs egos as we all sit back here eating are ego waffles

"get off my lawn" was directed to this pet pev
and was not related towards the movie
plus i just felt like saying it haha

but not all kids have a ferrari or lamborghini "super car dream" poster on there wall
to some people a fairly reasonably priced lotus which could vary well out perform other "super cars" in the turns at a quarter of the price is what they consider there "dream car"

all relating back to the "its not the car, its the driver that you should be watching out for" which we here seem to be so familiar with such a similar term
you know, im a big car freak and i d rather get the nissan gtr 2009 . its under 100Gs and is the 4th fastest car in the world on nindingburg. how do u spell that?
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