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DPMS M4A1. JG? Or JG Clone?

I have been reading up on the JG M4A1, and it has come to my attention that the DPMS is just an American rebranded JG. The Jing Gong is a TM clone, so I figured that the DPMS would be the exact same, considering that it is as JG.

Naturally, I assumed that TM mags would work in the DPMS, but I have just read on another thread on here that the DPMS isn't compatible with TM mags, despite the fact that the JG is.

This is the specific gun that I am talking about:

Note that it says "JG Clone"

Now, isn't this 100% the same gun? (minus the all black)

It says that it is "100% compatible with Tokyo Marui and related clones "

So is the DPMS the exact same as the JG, with a differnt brand name? Or a poorly made clone of a clone?
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