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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
Stalker begs to differ.

All depends on your hop-up rubber and your internal set up...
Don't I always? Lol, yes I do aim higher when using heavier ammo, but that is thhe nature of real steel also. And I've easily run 0.43g BBs through my KSC G19 and gotten 100+ft kills. Basically aim at the head and hit the chest past 100ft.

Best was ~140ft kill with my G19 using 0.36g BBs at Rawdon in 2006.

0.30 would be the max I'd say for aiming dead on. I regularly use those in my KSC MK23 (I have Hazard as a witness, 0.28g would pass 150ft before veering off a bit) since I have SIIS ones I don't use in my rifle (because I have bags of he Bastard sniper BBs), and there is literally no fps drop from 0.30g BBs to 0.28g BBs (Bastards that is) according to my chrony testing with spring guns (rifle and pistol).

Sorry, the pics are long gone (old pbase account that I had), but check this out:

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