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Ok well A couple weeks back I was out at a very hilly field, and the gun performed outstanding. But it was once it got home that the problem appeared.
The other tab on the lower reciever had cracked. After a full season of play and 13000 rds on a plastic lower that was cracked since just after I received it.

So being AGE CERTIFIED I went to HUANG to pick up a metal body. For $180shipped the body got to me in 3 days after payment sent. His service was fast and precise. If I need another metal body I'll be going back to you for my AK.

Now I got the DBoys MB w/ Colt engraved trades, the trades are good except that that they say Colti otherwise they are spot on. The Depth they are engraved seems a bit shallow, but they still look nice. The kit also includes an assembled upper receiver, and the lower already has the selector switch attached. Now For the most part it was drag and drop procedure. The exception being the Selector switch and Mag release. The selector had a warped plate that goes to the gearbox selector plate. And the mag release was warped. But I just used the old ones. Mags fit in fairly tight, but the mag well doesn't need to be sanded. With how easy it was to upgrade this thing I'd do it again gladly.

I'll post some pics once it gets its paint job.
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