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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
See you're a good kid and all but if we made exceptions then every kid would want to be an exception too and if something irresponsible gets done well since the kid in question is a minor is therefore not accountable for their actions.

Thank-you for understanding and not bitching that it's a "long wait" and "you're sooooo responsible" or that your daddy is a "Sergeant-Major" in the infantry (which BTW doesn't exist as a rank only a position).

If you just ask nicely and explain your case to the field owner I'm sure most of them would have no problem letting you become their "war photographer". You'll get exposure to the community and when you're 18 will be more trusted and well known, and trust me that goes a long way for airsoft in Canada. You'll appreciate it a lot more.

As for now, all I can say is pick up a job (you'll need the money), do well in school, and put your money in an "airsoft savings account" (in addition to a college fund) that you can liquidate when you turn 18 (I'd have suggested Mutual Funds a few years ago however a 3 year GIC or just a standard savings account is good too).

If you really feel the need right now to pick up some gear. Pick some that you won't grow out of and that might be useful. Boots and clothing if you don't think you'll grow anymore, otherwise goggles, killrag and such are good pieces of kit to have since they're basically "one size fits most".
Ya that is another good idea and I completely agree with the exeptions part and ya I have some loans to pay back already (my dad sets an extremely high interest rate bankers haha) so I have to pay those back first but savings accouts are a good idea thanks for the support I will keep doing my research and playing woodsball (paintball not my favorite but it may help)
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