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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Personally I don't care for an "ass hugger" (what I call a spotter) while I'm out and about doing the sniper role (just increases the chances of giving me away, I'd prefer to only have myself to blame for getting shot), but I would take someone along with me to teach if someone was interested. Even an underaged player. But an unarmed one............ ugh. About to dealt with this with my girlfriend, she wanted to see me do my thing at an airsoft game, yet realized she'd likely just give me away, so I decided to just sign her up for an airsoft game this Saturday and have her with me all day to experience airsoft. Should be fun, at least I was able to train her last weekend on shooting techniques.
Yea, it depends on the player I think. Some people work well as a duo... others don't, absolutely has to mesh with your play style. I like knowing that there is someone watching my six, especially in a ghillie where your peripheral drops a bit. However thats just me.

Make her a ghillie amigo !! <grin>

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