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Originally Posted by makinitbig View Post
Cheaters who you shoot up the back, go onto his buddy and he turns around and blasts you and says he didn't feel anything.

People who you accidentally shoot once or twice and they explode, say your shooting hot when really your under 320fps, and still walk around with a stick up there ass acting like chode. MAN THE F*** UP.
You made the mistake of presuming he was hit.. you shoot until the person calls hit. If he complains about being "overshot" apologize and then move on.

Most issues about "Cheaters" are caused by the shooter and not the shot. The shooter sees the impact and presumes the shot felt it and moved on .. only to be shot by that person.

Make certain your target is down before moving on, see him hit.. hear him call it..

If it was real you would not go on to the next target until you were sure the first was down.
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