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Hello everyone, new guy here.
First of all, I started on clearsoft guns during the summer, pretty low budget, but I had no connections at that time and thus did not realize the glory of the real airsoft guns (which I am planning to get sometime soon).

For now though, my clears include:
- DPMS A17 R.I.S. "field duty kit" (pistol was discarded immediately)
- S&W M3000 Shotgun
- S&W M&P 40 CO2-powered, non-blowback (my best pistol atm)
- Sig Sauer P226 (my first clear)
- Sig Sauer P230
- Magnum Research Desert Eagle (my 'mostly for show' pistol)

This was all bought at Wal-Mart (sadly) but as I stated above, I am planning to upgrade sometime in the near future, my first real airsoft should be a mid-level sniper (can anyone give good recommendations, between $300-500?) and my clears will be for those boring, sunny days when the war between the paintballers and airsofters comes up again...

Thanks for reading my seemingly pointless, long, detailed intro, and I hope to hear from someone soon.

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