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Sorry ArmedSask I take all the previous post back. I see that there is some kind of adjustment on the rs Tar21 where the hop up is on the airsoft version. My apologies.

I agree with you - the left and right pics are real steel ones used to reference what the gun looks like. The hop up pic is the only one of the airsoft version. I may be wrong , but the hop up pic is definitely not the same object as in the left and right pics. Look at other details up top around the scope.

Once again I apologize for any sarcasm.
The "hop up adjustment" on those pictures is the barrel lock on the real Tavor. Give it a half turn the barrel slides right out. That's part of why I'm suspect, nothing on that gun makes me think it is airsoft. You'll also notice that the pictures of the "hop up addjustment" give you a bit of a look at the insides. It looks identical to the real one sitting in my lap.

I'm not stupid, don't try to point out blatantly obvious things that I would some how miss.
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