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Originally Posted by Diabolic Tyrant View Post
I find your opinion is hard to describe. G&G is a very strong and reliable manufacturer, however their Cansoft versions are the exact opposite of their full blacks, mainly for the fact being they are made of lower quality metals (CAS versions atleast) along with the fact the plastic is very likely to crack/spider. Sure it comes with a warranty but from what ive seen from people that own krakens, they are very happy with them especially with a new body (AK74 front stock/foregrip and AK74 style rear stock) and they seem to be having less lemons (the OD version at least) than G&G and the fact that the Kraken is mostly TM compatible would already make it a 100% selling point for the fact being if i dont like whats on it i can switch it for parts made by quite possibly the best AEG manufacturer out there. Oh another the other part that destroys the G&G RK47 REC is the fact that the kraken is $150-$180 if it breaks you can return it to basspro and they will most likely refund your cash or replace it within 30 days or you can even buy 2 for less than the G&G AK. And as far as JG goes it kicks G&G's ass and hands it back to them gift wrapped with a bow tie on top. The best clone manufacturer that ive seen so far, along with CA (Full metal and wood goodness ^_^ )
Perhaps you heard me wrong.

I am not saying G&G are amazing guns, I'm saying that they are the best semi-clear/clear guns availible.

You seem to be bashing them pretty hard, I am speaking purely through my experience. my JG is a total POS, i guess i got a lemon, but it has been nothing but troubles (full back G36).

A friend of mine has an aftermath, Its really not great, clear lower/green furniture looks like ass, sure, its cheap, but in my experience, it will crap out on you so many time in so many ways, its worth it to just skip the headache and buy something else.

My G&G?
It works great, no issues at all with it, Shoots very well with a shockingly high ROF. The only thing that has broken on it so far is the lower (yea, i will admit this is a weak point in the gun) but i have metal body on the way, so that should solve that problem. Only reason the lower broke in the first place is because i fell on it...long story

When i say my oppinion, i mean my experience. Maybe You are right, and i just got really lucky with my G&G, and really unlucky with my JG, but from what i have seen first hang, G&G>JG
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