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The thing though is that it *is* at the customs officers *discretion* as to whether or not to seize and destroy it. Pertaining to the laws currently and by CBSA's internal rules it seems like you will be totally in the clear but if someone decides to seize it and send you a letter of seizure the only move then is to appeal it and it can take anywhere from a day to a few years to get them to test, and review your case and all that. Personally for me it's not worth the headache (the hours, sleep lost, and stress just isn't worth it to me). As for you or others I don't know, you should consider it and ask yourself if it's worth it. If it is then go ahead but if it's not then just order from within Canada.

Man.... you should have seen this forum before when I joined. It was practically an internet version of the wild west. Where big guns, flame suits, and pre-emptive strikes were necessary (didn't help that I was like 15 at the time). These newbies these days think they have it *soooo* hard but in reality they wouldn't last more than a second back then.
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