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The next posts were originally seperate, but i figured triple posting would just be suicide

Ok thanks, but would a stock JG gun outlast the Kraken, even with a new gearbox?
Also, I would have no need for metal body and wood because it would just be a basement plinker, maybe it would evolve into a project gun (which I doubt)
And Long_Bong, seeing as I know that you have the Kraken and have worked on it, I guess you would know best

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Ok so from what I know, ordering guns from the US is a big no-no (so is double poting ) But from my undertainding it is ok if the gun is clearly a toy, as to not be seized at customs.

SO, this IS an American site, but it sells the same gun for nearly 100$ less than 007, buyairsoft and... velocityarms I believe. I know different custom officers have different opinions, but becuase this is clear, it should make it through (shouldn't it?)

Say, if you had no access to the classifeds, would you take your chance on it?

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Guess what just came into the picture

I have to say, I hate the looks on these things, and the size felt to small (I'm 6'2"), but it's JG, and it's cheap

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