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Good day from sunny San Diego, CA. My name is Lawrence and I am 34 years old Filipino who is originally from Great Lakes, Ill (I am a US Navy brat), have been airsofting for about 5 years now, and despite getting on in years, still find time to chase down, outrun, and outlast many of the younger airsofters.

A little about my work, I have been serving in the US Marine Corps over 11 years and have been stationed in North Carolina, Arizona, Japan, and California (in that order). I am currently stationed at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego (no, I am not a Drill Instructor) working as support staff at 3rd Battalion. Most of the time I love my job, but there are those days I just want to stomp a mud puddle in a recruits chest (I won't though, I value my career more).

Something about my life outside the US Marines, I am married with 2 children (my wife and eldest son play airsoft), we are part of Omega Force SoCal based out of San Diego, I volunteer my time as a tech at a local airsoft store, and enjoy building insanely high fps airsoft hand guns.

400+FPS TM P226 ----> YouTube - TM Sig 226

400+FPS TM Mk23 SOCOM ----> YouTube - TM Mk23 SOCOM

I am currently working on a TM Glock 17, TM HiCapa 5.1, and a TM 1911A1

Outside of that, I am a pretty boring guy.
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