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hmm I had been told it was the same a V2.. just a really cheap copy. I think this gun will go into the box of broken stuff. if nothing else I got a spare stock and a battery out of it.

the mag is releasing BBs because when I remove it it drops 4 or 5 loose ones out. If inverted it only sometimes fire correctly. if you watch the BB while pulling the trigger it kind of bounces around in the chamber for a bit then fires...

the spring I was putting in wasn;t actually an upgrade. it was supposed to be around stock (least thats what I had been told by the guy behind the counter. He seemed to know his stuff though). I didnt; want to upgrade in fear of the box breaking... my fears were well warranted heh.

as for the glue I didnt; actually use glue. 1st I tried to plastic weld it but the case is to cheap to do that. I ended up using plastic solvent, it melts the plastic back together, then I put a layer of woven fiberglass over the damaged area (kayak glass). this was braced against the gun shell itself with a piece of metal plate and tube going to the back of the stock.... all that and it won;t fire hahaha
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