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Wow great advice pusangani.

He's already said he's not looking for that answer, he's looking for help to get his gun fixed. If you feel that this is an 'unfixable situation' than state so from your gundoctoring experience and suggest it's better left be.

Originally Posted by CPT Spork View Post
it just doesn;t seem to make sense to me.. the system is so simple...

I took it apart again made sure all the gears are timed correctly.. it still won;t fire unless I invert the gun.
Does it fire completely normally when held inverted? If so, it would sound like a magazine issue (mag spring not releasing the BB's)

If Amos is correct and this isn't even a V2 box but some random conjuration than buying any replacement parts is out of the question.(and if he says so I believe him, I've personally never experienced this gun)

After googling the gun and reading some reviews on it; if the mechbox is the same type of plastic I'm thinking of I think it'll be too brittle to last very long, sorry. (BTW, what kind of glue did you use?)

If you are looking to go to some more organized games in your areas, see if you can get in touch with guys and look into borrowing or renting until you can afford a new gun, I really think that'd be your best bet.

However, if this is just for backyard plinking, I hate to say it but I'm starting to think your pooched for now.

Best of luck!
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