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Yeah that's probably a good idea. Just renting first to see if you like it. I personally don't have any regrets joining.

Those dammed school fees..... They can burn in hell, and now the universities want to charge us more because of the economy???? Whats up with that? I mean I can manage but others, I've seen other people who have had to take a semester off to work to raise some money to continue school.

Just don't go overboard and you'll be fine. There are a lot of students who spend money on airsoft instead of food, rent, tuition, books etc. and wonder why they have no money and have to sell their guns to pay for school. I'm actually kind of guilty of that but I don't care, I can eat rice every day if I have to, I mean I am Chinese and that's pretty much what I've been eating for the last 19 years (40 lb bag of rice + rice cooker FTW)
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