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The problem with airsoft is that its in such a grey area of the law, no one knows what exactly to do about it. As long as you treat it (the airsoft gun) with respect (like a real firearm) then you are fine.

Also, once you get AV'ed, you will find there are much better guns than G&G. Best thing you can do is go to a game, even if you don't play spend some time with the vets, ask to handle their guns (as long as you don't act like a goof people will be more than happy to show you their toys) and you will find out which brands you will like. I understand all you have known as airsoft until now is G&G and ICS because of the marketing ploys of that "canadian legal" nonesense. Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, VFC, Star/Ares, JG, Systemas and all the other high-end guns will be a MUCH better investment for an AEG. I don't see the point of getting "starter" guns, because if you get a kick ass gun right off the bat you will like it more, you will have better performance/reliability, and you will find your integration into airsoft all that more seamless.

Also, make good friends with a good gundoc. They will become your new best friend.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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