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Alright that's a valid concern however "clear guns" are only for importation as has been said. Once in country really you can possess anything you want.

However note that if you plan on doing something illegal with said device you will face the full extent of the law.

eg. You decide to rob a store with a "black gun", well not only will you get a robbery charge, you will also face multiple firearm offences. (Note that even if it's a clear gun you can have firearms offences laid on you as the crown treats any firearm used in the process of a criminal offence as the real deal even toy waterguns or a cap gun).

However if you are using said device in a responsible manner you will not be arrested, charged or anything. Also who's to say you didn't get it before 1998 (and therefore have it grandfathered)? I mean your "2008 PTW", or GBB rifle could have always been an experimental "pre-release" prototype.....
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