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Originally Posted by GabRieL7 View Post
First off I would like to say that Im going to college and im studying to become a police officer so Im sure Brian would be alright with me as a person. I can show him my college ID if he wants it :P. Secondly Im definatley going to get Brian to age verifiy me by visiting his store/area in Toronto. As for making new threads, I won't start a new thread for every question I have, I will just private message the person.

Now on to my last question regarding full black guns. I would love to be able to purchase a full black gun once I am age verfied. Here is the thing. Since Im studying to be a police officer, if im caught doing something wrong I can be thrown out of school. Now ive read the canadian law, and this is just wat i have read so im not arguing, just telling you what i know. I know that full black guns r illegal and are not allowed to be imported or sold to anyone in canada. The only way you are allowed to buy full black guns is by aquiring a licence which i have read about on this forum. its the candian firearms "something" not sure...therefore you can see y i would be nervous about buying a full black gun. Also ive heard that you can be charged if you are caught with a full black gun. Anyway if its possible to get a full black gun and not break the law then yea im rather have a full black gun. who wants the stupid plastic.
I know police officers that play airsoft... I also know many police students that play airsoft... all of them use black guns.
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