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Originally Posted by GabRieL7 View Post
alright thanks alot for your help, its greatly appreciated...also since professional airsoft guns need to have a clear lower receiver for canadian laws, and therefore you can't bring in full black guns or their destroyed at the border, ive been looking to buy a battery and some gear at airsoft GI, do you know if customs/border will destroy or not allow airsoft batterys or tatical gear in canada?
Don't be fooled by the marketing gimmick that you can ONLY have a clear AEG. Its not illegal to own or possess a full black gun any more than the clear receiver guns. That is only a law for importation, but once its in country theres nothing against having one. Once you get Age Verified you will be able to browse the classifieds where you can buy used full black, usually full metal guns. Don't think just because its used its "crap". Like its been mentioned go to TTAC3 (go to the events section for Ontario and there should be a sticky all about it, or PM Brian McIllmoyle) so you can get AV'ed, and you might even be able to play if there enough room to accommodate you, and if you can get hold of a rental. Of course the call is up to Brian. Don't be afraid to ask him questions, or any of the others there but a word of advice, listen to what he/they say without any attitude or guff, and you should be alright.

Also to answer most of your questions read through the forums and especially the FAQ and stickies for each forum as they usually have most newbie questions answered and in great detail. Please don't make a new thread for every question you have, as some newbies like to do, without making a little effort to do some of your own research. We are more than happy to help out new people that show the proper attitude and respect, but we are not here to spoonfeed people who can't do their own research.

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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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