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Originally Posted by sushicake View Post
Out of the box the G&G (depending on the line/grade) shoots roughly 300-310 fps out of the box. But their quality control and build material are very good, they even designed some of their own systems ie. the blowback models mp5 and m4.

While the JG on the other hand uses a cloned systema gearbox and has very high quality parts even though it is a china clone company. Even their quality check is getting better and out of the box the JG's usually shoot about 370-400fps.
I'd take a G&G over a JG any day... "Cloned Systema Gearbox" means NOTHING. Systema gearboxes are good because Systema adheres to tight tolerances, good materials and good quality control... As soon as you add "Clone" in there all that shit goes out the window.
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