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First of all, ITAR is a US Government regulation. Canada has other laws that address this type of thing.

I brought the issue up many years ago when "attractive" items like tacvests, brand new full sets of cadpat etc started appearing here on the boards for sale. Now it's even worse since there are more sought after items like the cadpat gloves and smallpack.

There was a fellow from Petawawa selling a truckload of obviously stolen kit about 2004, and I actually documented everything and turned it over to the MPs. The response "we don't look into it as the problem is too rampant and we don't have the resources". So that's the official DND response.

What can you do? Ask to see the item info tag w/ the NSN. This is where items will be marked if they have been surplussed. Think it's stolen? Don't buy it. CADPAT "combats" are harder to tell, some new stuff does go direct to surplus stores as "imperfect/slight defect" that the average person can't tell; ie one arm 2cm longer than the other.

IMHO most of the gear that is stolen then sold to civies is utter shit compared to other COTS alternatives made by good gear makers like Eagle, HSGI etc. What anyone would pay $300CAD for a tacvest when they could buy a sweet setup elsewhere is beyond me.

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