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AirsoftGI is fine for purchasing everything apart for weapons (for obvious reasons). I bought 300$-worth of gear from AirsoftGI and they're pretty good. Shipping takes pretty long and it's annoying to pay 18$ for shipping for knee pads that cost 20$, but their quality is very good.

Beware of the exchange rates too. You'd be paying in USD if you buy from them. But don't listen to other people. If you're looking for high quality gear, AirsoftGI is a great place to look. Scopes and BBs can be bought from them too. The only thing you can't purchase from them is gun parts and guns because of Canadian law (full metal bodies are prohibited in Canada). I am not age verified yet, but I am told that there is an extensive part of this site dedicated to the purchasing and selling of guns in Canada, for Canadians, that comply with Canadian laws. I suggest you get age verified and look into that!

Good luck!
Taken from

Airsoft GI does not ship any replica firearms, metal bodies, or BBs to Canada

So be aware before you purchase BB's from Airsoftgi

Ive also just sent them an email asking if they will use USPS to ship up here so I can avoid UPS' rape fees.. err brokerage fees.
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