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Ever since i opened my first bag of Bastards I have not used anything else. I liked the product so much i became one of the Big Bastards.

people have asked for me to sell others but hard to go to another product when you sell the best airsoft bb on the market in the world to be honest.

plain and simple i've seen metal tech jam up lots of guns come chrony time. @ games and shake my head and donate a bag so people don't get mad @ them for fucking there guns.

and yes Jeroon is right about the brain bb as I have given out a free bag ask hazard.

and on top of all that BB Bastards supports your Games with some major sponsorships.

my 2 cents and this is not because I sell them it's because it's a proven fact that nothing touches the Quality or the price of a Bastard bar non.

As for .28 bb's they are like gold, when you have people begging for them and doing pre order before the shipment is in it speaks for it'sself right there.
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