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There are lasers specifically designed to be mounted on the trigger guard or hand grip. A laser has to be quite small to fit on a trigger guard or hand grip.

Otherwise, lasers are mounted on rails.

Don't call your father incompetent, you sound ungrateful and whiny enough as it is.
I'm sorry good sir, but you, however do not know my father, nor is this any of you're buisness...He calls me names like this quite often, but funny enough, just because he is an adult, he gets more respect, and people think "He probably never said anything to you", well WRONG good sir, explain this to the 4 years of ongoing battles, and counsellors I am seeing....Thank, moron, but you're opinions are not needed here, this thread is done, he got his answer, and I would like to know, how am I being whiney? is offline