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Originally Posted by Spawn28 View Post
BBbastards all the way +2

Is this true about the brain bb thing cause i recently got a bag of .28's bastards and i got 3 of em in there not saying im pissed or anything like that but i was gonna show them to jay the next time im at a wolfpack game, I tried to take a pic of em but for some reason they always turn out blurry.hmmm free bags of bb's kinda like getting a prize in your bag or well 3 in my
Since I started using Bastards 3 years ago, I've found a brain BB, maybe two, but they are exceptionally rare. First I've found out as far as getting a free replacement bag though. Still, since I have done extensive testing with Bastards, I've gotten lots of various weights free FOR my testing, both static and gaming. Also helps to be best friends (and now roommates) with one of the top selling, if not the top selling Bastard, Testtube.
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