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Funny article from Airsoft News EU

USA: Airsofting in the vicinity of POTUS
What happens if you go airsofting in the vicinity of the POTUS (President Of The US)? Cool story to tell I guess (this one with happy ending). News courtesy of Will:

I guess I should share a little news for once. Yesterday (8/23) the US President Barack Obama was landing at Otis Airforce Base in Mashpee MA to start a 1 week vacation on Marthards Vineyard, however about half a mile away in conservation land, a group of airsofters, myself included, had completely forgotten he was coming in that day. Notably, as any responsible airsoft group does, we had notified the local police, and because of our proximity to the AFB, the military as well, but the Presidents protection had not been notified. During a break a blue and white helicopter began circling us, and for about 15 minutes buzzed around, while we on the ground became increasingly perplexed as to its purpose, it then came closer and closer, until it hovered directly over us. After doing this for about 3 minutes, it began circling again. Notably this was a day in which we were heavily utilizing props, including, 1 SAM site, and 3 hollowed out 300lb bombs, great day for it right? Luckily they must have contacted local authorities and decided (despite a few of us dressed in Arabic garb) we weren't a threat. About an hour later, we had the honor of having the President fly directly over us in Marine 1. So let this be a lesson to all airsoft groups, always make sure to notify the proper authorities about your games, you never know who might fly over. (Granted we'd have had some great pics of the military paracording off blackhawks to pacify us if we hadn't)
Pics at Airsoft News EU.
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