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To get into this sport you need a minimum of $700-$800 ready in hand.

$350-$600 Nice solid AEG, no kraken garbage.
$150ish Batteries, mags, charger
$50-100 Set of BDU's and eyewear

The DBOYS AK-74SU is a great AEG, but it pays to get to be friends with someone who is a gun doc and have them open it up and check that everything is GTG.

You can find reviews one both guns by using Google. A TM AK47 should run around $450 new, and a DBOYS AK-74SU should clock in around the $350 mark.

Get age verified and you can have access to the classifieds. If you are not 18, no dice.

Also, it really helps to have your own transportation.
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