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Originally Posted by Armyissue View Post
Please try to incorpirate a Time /repair/ cost valuation please. Cheap ass rice bag bb's jammin up my mags vs having zero frustrations spewing thousands of Lil' Bastards. My Airsoft time is worth more to me than saving .02 cents on a BB. Also realize that Shipping vs walk in purchase changes the cost per bb. Buy Quality everytime and you won't be disappointed, if the Bastards are cheap that's a perk.
The Bastard has a standing offer for the Brain BB. You won't find any deformed BB's in a Bag of Bastards. The only on that shows up is the brain BB. Its smaller than a regular bb and has a shrivelled brain looking pattern. There are less than one in 5million or so. If you get a BB Bastard Brain trade it into a Bastard Retailer for a free bag. These brains are usually found when leaving the barrel of your AEG. Its the on that heads for Jupiter, Totally ignores the hop up and in the right conditions smacks the shooter in the back of the head. Still causes no frustration to the player (except that you just missed out on a Free bag of Bastards lolz.
BBbastards all the way +2

Is this true about the brain bb thing cause i recently got a bag of .28's bastards and i got 3 of em in there not saying im pissed or anything like that but i was gonna show them to jay the next time im at a wolfpack game, I tried to take a pic of em but for some reason they always turn out blurry.hmmm free bags of bb's kinda like getting a prize in your bag or well 3 in my
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