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you can buy a pair of bi-way running shoes for $8, or top quality asics for $150+. they may both be called running shoes, but they are not the same thing or 'equal' by any means. you get better performance out of top quality brands which put together a better quality product, this applies to airsoft bb's as well.

you can find cheaper bb's that will shoot out of your gun i agree, but in my experience your sacrificing quality and performance. more jams, feeding problems, and accuracy after the bb leaves the barrel. people spend so much money on upgraded springs, gears, barrels, scopes, etc. to improve performace. if you load your aeg with junk or low qulaity bb's, all the other upgrades in the world arent going to help you. you have to start with a reliable, and quality base for your gun which includes quality bb's.

bb's are one of the cheapest parts of airsoft, in my experience if you pay for a quality brand you will be satisfied with the results. ive only every trusted two brands of bb's since i started playing airsoft over 10 years ago, excel, and bb bastard. both are worth the price.
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