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Originally Posted by Kurgan View Post
To those who say it doesn't happen or there isn't a problem? The very fact that people have admitted on this thread should be an issue.

Seriously? Can you actually tell me not that ASC cannot officially take a stand against this behavior? If your not against it, you either complacent (which means your going to allow it to happen) or your for it. Either way, it does not discourage the behavior. If it fails to discourage, then it allows the growth of encouragement.

What about our CF personnel? Has anyone thought about how they feel if one of these stoners screws up their careers? Keep it out of airsoft by standing against it.
ASC can't take a stand.. as it has no standing. It is already enpowered to ban problem users for whatever reason it wants .. it can use that power at will.

CF .. what? straw man.. I expct CF personnel rub up against drug users in their life daily .. its a non issue .. Cf people go to bars all the time .. your concern is groundless.
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