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To those who say it doesn't happen or there isn't a problem? The very fact that people have admitted on this thread should be an issue.

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post

Ill tolerate a couple of beers post game, I don't mind even seeing a beer or two during breaks ( but my games don't have any breaks so I don't see this much) I have even run games where one of the objectives was a cooler full of beer.
But I won't tolerate "drinking" ( as in to acheive an intoxicated state) during games.

I personally typically carry a small flask of whiskey on the field..(this being a habit long established... I often never open it) that Ill enjoy at breaks or post game.. it's discrete and not enough to intoxicate me.. as it is often shared in sipps with other players ..

anyway that is my position..
Originally Posted by shiftsup View Post
It's none of ASC's business.

I have been to games where players have gone to their vehicles and sparked one or more up during down time.
Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
We T.W.A.T.s ENCOURAGE intoxication and we have NEVER HAD A SINGLE INCIDENT. NOT ONE. Not from our buzzed players, anyway. And the buzzed players usually deal with problems in a much calmer manner.

I agree that many of the young noobs should keep their heads clear but to suggest that I'm a liability because I puff or drink proves that you don't have the experience or wisdom to try to regulate the behaviour of others. Blacklisting them? Fuck off.
Seriously? Can you actually tell me not that ASC cannot officially take a stand against this behavior? If your not against it, you either complacent (which means your going to allow it to happen) or your for it. Either way, it does not discourage the behavior. If it fails to discourage, then it allows the growth of encouragement.

What about our CF personnel? Has anyone thought about how they feel if one of these stoners screws up their careers? Keep it out of airsoft by standing against it.
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